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Grant – Greenfield Central Senior Photography

I spent time with Grant and some of his family in Broad Ripple for his senior session.  He’s a Greenfield Central Cougar who’s interested in becoming a pilot.  Best of luck Grant as you head into football post season, and the rest of your last year of high school!

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Matthew – Heritage Christian Senior Photography

Had a great time with Matthew sailing on Geist Reservoir, and walking around his neighborhood in Fishers!  Special thanks to Kevin & Jennifer for coordinating all the details.  We got some great shots.  All the best to Matthew as you finish up this year.

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Hastings Family – Carmel Family Photography

Had a great shoot with the Hastings family this summer!  It’s a great idea to get some shots of the family before the kids leave the nest completely.  And the dog was very smiley too!

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Arts & Crafts Redux: Kokomo Opalescent Glass Co. – Part 2

It’s been a while, but I wanted to put up Part 2 of this post on KOGPart 1 was a little about how we’re made to create, and that more people are finding out they’re good at creating something.  Or that they like being a part of a creative process.  This maker movement is trending from indie to mainstream in many ways.  Tiny home builders are on HGTV, art classes are growing in popularity, DIY has become a staple on YouTube, Etsy is a viable source of income, and there are wine & paint events every night of the week.

This Arts & Crafts Redux project is my attempt to capture some of these movers and makers and share them with you.

In addition to opalescent sheet glass, KOG also creates various types of glass art from dalle de verre (slabs of glass), rondelles, bowls, vases, beads, pendants, and many other beautiful pieces.  Below are examples of dalle de verre, beads, and plates.  I highly recommend taking one of their tours and maybe getting in some early Christmas shopping!

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USA Archery Outdoor Nationals – Part 2

This is the second of two posts for USA Archery Outdoor Nationals at Grand Park.  When we were young, most of us imagined being the best in the world at something.  Then we get a dose of reality, and we’re excited just to watch the best in the world. That’s one of the reasons I’ve always loved the Olympics.  We can see the best compete at the highest level and fulfill their dreams.

Last month Grand Park hosted the US Outdoor National Archery Championships.  It’s one of the biggest archery tournaments in the country.  And it’s a big step for those looking to be on TeamUSA someday.

The shooting line was just short of a mile long with over 250 targets.  On one end, Olympians were shooting recurve bows 70 meters, on the other end were little kids shooting compound bows 25 meters.  In between was a mix of compound, recurve, and bare bow archers shooting anywhere from 30m to 60m.  The targets are different sizes, depending on the type of bow, but everyone wants to shoot in the center (10) ring which is basically smaller than a tea saucer.

All ages, genders, ethnicities, sizes, and body types competing in one spot.  A 10 year old kid can walk a mile or so down the line and see his or her hero shooting.  How great is that!  The four day event was capped off with the compound and recurve championships, which featured many members of TeamUSA.  Turnout for the finals was surprisingly small, but it allowed for the passionate fan base to be rewarded with some special memories.  Memories that could motivate some of them to realize their dreams.

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